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V-Torch and Titops ITalent.AI Join Forces to Empower the Future of Corporate Training and Management

HANOI, VIETNAM – Today (18/04/2024), we are thrilled to announce that V-Torch, a leading Vietnamese business consulting and skill training firm, and Titops ITalent.AI, a cutting-edge technology and human resources provider, have entered a strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to bring about remarkable enhancements in business management, digital transformation, and human resources training.

The cooperation focuses on several key aspects including:

– Shared policies and benefits for various cooperation contents.
– Support in executing activities like image promotion, operation processes, in-house and online training of operation procedures, and customer care services in accordance with the services provided by both parties.
– Committed to implementing information security and safety for both parties.

    V-Torch, known for its exceptional business advising and skill training services, will integrate the state-of-the-art solutions offered by Titops ITalent.AI into its consulting framework, such as ERP, MOOC from truonghoc247.vn. In return, Titops ITalent.AI is gaining deep insights into the building blocks of successful business management from V-Torch.

    Representatives from both companies have expressed their excitement about this collaboration, and are confident that the partnership will lead to a new horizon of growth and opportunity. Through joining forces and sharing expertise, both companies are poised to offer unrivalled products and services to their clients.

    At V-Torch, we pride ourselves on providing the most effective consulting services and skill training for businesses. Joining forces with Titops ITalent.AI promises to elevate our offerings to an unprecedented level,” said Mr. Robert Tuan, Chairman of V-Torch.

    Titops ITalent.AI is thrilled to collaborate with a company that holds such a strong reputation in the Vietnamese market,” stated Dr. Tuong Nguyen, President of Titops ITalent.AI. “We’re excited to see how our technology solutions paired with V-Torch’s business know-how can enhance the landscape of corporate training and management.” – Ms Kim Huynh, Co-founder & CEO of Titops ITalent.AI.

    This partnership will help both V-Torch and Titops ITalent.AI achieve their mutual goal of empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions and a comprehensive suite of services. Especially, this partnership aims to boost business development by opening officially representative of offices of V-Torch in Can Tho and Titops’ ones in Hanoi. Meticulously crafted training programs on services, operation processes, customer interaction, and counseling are to be carried out. Both parties are expected to promote each other’s images to their respective customers and partners.

    For more information, please visit V-Torch (http://www.v-torch.com/) or Titops ITalent.AI (https://italent.ai/)

    About V-Torch
    V-Torch is a leading consulting and skill training company based in Vietnam. With its mission to bridge individuals and businesses, V-Torch focuses on providing solutions and transferring values to communities through understanding and empathizing with their customers.

    Office: 266 Thụy Khuê, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

    HQ: Tòa nhà Ocean Park, số 1, Đào Duy Anh, P. Phương Mai, Q. Đống Đa, Hà Nội

    Phone: 0868.319.139 | Website: https://v-torch.edu.vn/

    About Titops ITalent.AI
    Titops ITalent.AI is a top-tier technology and human resources provider. Their commitment to providing quality human resources for international standard projects has positioned them as a key player in the digital transformation field.

    Office: 25Bis Nguyen Van Thu, Dakao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

    HQ: Titops Building, Block F1, No 6 Street, Tay Do Cultural Center, Cai Rang, Can Tho city.

    Press Contact: Kim Huynh
    Phone: 0911502707
    Email: kimhtn@titops.com
    Website: https://italent.ai

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