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ShopInvest to extend its global development team in Vietnam

ShopInvest is the French leading investor in E-commerce. Shopinvest has been topped by various Top e-commerce ranks on several of its sites such as,,… This ranking rewards the quality of service of our sites, which, like all of the group’s sites, strive to provide the best service to customers.

In November 2018, Shopinvest, which is led by Karine Schrenzel and Olivier Gensburger, bought French mail-order and e-tail company 3 Suisses, a former market leader whose revenue had plummeted and which Shopinvest recently relaunched in a new incarnation. Shopinvest owns a total of 11 e-commerce sites, among them MenCorner, Bijourama, LemonCurve and DeclikDeco. Carrefour operates over 12,000 stores in more than 30 countries. Last year, it generated a revenue of € 84.91 billion, and it employs 360,000 people worldwide.

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After 6 months of research and analysis, ShopInvest decides to choose Titops as its international partner to extend the development team at a global scale.

Some related opening positions are available here:

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