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DN5SAO and Titops announced the MOU signing ceremony to promote technology in foreign language training and improve skills for labor export resources in Can Tho City and Mekong Delta.

On November 22, 2023, DN5Sao and Titops signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote the application of technology in foreign language training and improve digital skills for students wishing to export labor. The signing ceremony was held at DN5Sao headquarters with the participation of representatives of both organizations.

The memorandum of understanding clearly states the cooperative relationship between the two organizations in the field of enrollment and labor export in Can Tho City and the Mekong Delta market, which revolves around the following main points:

– Improving enrollment efficiency. Supporting and training students in English and Digital Technology.

– Coordinating and developing connections to provide VISA to workers after completing the course.

– Coordinate resources from both sides: Enrollment – Training – Providing quality personnel with certified and assessed skills.

Through this partnership, DN5Sao will take advantage of its expertise in enrollment, foreign language training, and connection to VISA provision so that the labor export workforce meets the qualifications and skills. workmanship according to orders from foreign companies and businesses. Titops connects students with academic experts and lecturers via local and international partners such as VNU, NEU, CTU, DNC, eduCLaaS, eBox, edureka, etc…, will provide support in training digital technology skills and applying technology to training and providing high-quality export human resources.

“The cooperation with Titops is an important step forward, contributing to improving the quality of workers’ skills, equipping students with useful skills – foreign languages ​​- technology, along with connecting units. Providing reputable, high-quality labor export. From there, we can ensure the quality of input and output of human resources through training enrollment.” – Mr. Tran Van Dien, Director of DN5Sao shared.

“Technology skills training along with foreign language training will help students meet the criteria when exporting labor to markets with high requirements. Titops and DN5Sao believe that this cooperation can improve the efficiency of digital transformation in the education sector while narrowing the gap between students, workers, and the needs of export markets. Titops is very pleased to cooperate with DN5Sao to promote the use of technology in training courses to improve skills, thereby providing quality labor export human resources in Can Tho City and Mekong Delta provinces and cities. ”. Mr. Nguyen Hoai Tuong, Director of Titops shared.

The MOU signing ceremony begins an exciting cooperation between DN5Sao and Titops to promote technology in foreign language training and improve skills for labor export resources. With common expertise and resources, DN5Sao and Titops are ready to promote significant changes in the field of digital transformation of education and labor export in Can Tho City and Mekong Delta.

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