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Titops Hub & Titops e-Box to launch on October 10, 2020

Hanoi (Vietnam) – Today (10/10/2020), Titops is happy to announce the launch for our two new products: Titops Hub and Titops e-Box.

Titops Hub is a connector allowing your smart devices to link seamlessly with Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTT, ENKI, Homey. Titops e-Box is a smart electrical box that allow to control your electrical box remotely. List of case studies:

Both Titops Hub and Titops e-Box use Titops Platform API as the core controller. This platform is certificated and protected by COV (Copyright Office of Vietnam).

If you are smart home installers or integrators, you may face the challenge of multiple remotes, multiple applications and multiple controllers. Now, with Titops Hub and Titops e-Box, you can provide the all-in-one controller to your customers.

The technical specification of Titops Hub can be download here:

The selling price is $100 for Titops Hub and $400 for Titops e-Box.

Pre-order is available from now. Please call +84909893336 or send to

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