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    Our Courses

    OMO (Online-Merge-Offline) Vocational Training Program

    EdInnov Applied Machine Learning Certificate

    Applied Machine Learning course teaches you a wide-ranging set of techniques of supervised and unsupervised machine learning approaches using Python.

    EdInnov Applied Machine Learning Certificate


    • Batch 1: 26 September 2021
    • Batch 2: 15 December 2021

    Certified Course on Data Analytics with PowerBI

    You will learn to build professional-quality business intelligence reports with beautiful interactive dashboards with with step-by-step guidelines.

    Certified Course on Data Analytics with PowerBI


    • Batch 1: 01 October 2021
    • Batch 2: 01 November 2021

    This programme is especially for whom?

    Digial Professionals & Managers

    Digital marketers, Bankers, Telco experts, IT professionals

    Digial Professionals & Managers

    Students & Graduates

    Final year students, IT or Non-IT graduates who are looking for jobs

    Students & Graduates

    K-12 & College students

    K-12  & college students who are looking for vocational programs

    K-12 & College students

    Top skills required by recruiters


    Salary for Machine Learning $1324/month


    Machine Learning is essential for everyone


    Data Analytics is a hot job


    Learn Data Analytics to get high-paying jobs


    Microsoft Power BI is ranked as the best Data Analytics tool by Gartner in 2021


    Upon successful completion of each program, you’ll earn a digital certificate of completion.


    employer parters are ready to recruit


    Got jobs after graduation

    What will this programme do for you?


    In this session, you will find video lectures and other resources to learn the concepts.


    In this session, you will find interesting set of activities which will make you explore more on the specific topic.


    In this session, you will find varieties of exercises to improve your code analysis, testing and debugging skills.


    In this session, you will start designing and creating your own programs based on learnt knowledge.


    In this session, you will have activities to self assess your knowledge and skills on the specific topic.


    After learning & practicing, it’s time now to raise you own problem and work on real projects. Mentors will work with you to apply to your business.

    Why this programme is different?

    • Practice Oriented Learning

      Learning is completely Hands-on and practice based thereby helping you understand the intricacies of Live Project Scenarios

    • High Quality Content

      Programs and Courses are designed by Professionals in the Industry & Academicians, assuring a quality learning experience.

    • 24/7 LIVE Supports

      With Industry Mentors online ready to get your Doubts clarified and to Hand Hold you, you will always have someone to sort things our for you.

    • Auto Evaluation

      Auto Evaluation is the Core. Your solutions and answers are evaluated instantaneously, thereby saving learners a lot of time.

    • AI Blended Learning

      With Auto – Evaluation being the core of the Platform, using AI & ML to assist Learners during their course of Study.

    • Realtime Metrics

      Data becomes the core for evolving a personalised learning. E-Box uses these metrics for an Auto Corrective Learning Process.

    • group

      Peer Discussion Group

      Learners will have group discussion with support from mentors.

    • crowdsource

      Crowdsourcing activities

      You can get help from the modern phenomenon known as crowdsourcing—the practice of putting many minds to work on a single problem.

    • casestudies

      Case studies and real data sets

      You learn from projects given by industry mentors and real data set fo each casestudy.

    • coding

      Live coding practice

      You can pratice online, every time, everywhere. AI assisted platform can help you to correct your errors.

    • realproject

      Real-world application exercises

      Each concept is associated to each real world exercise. You can have critical thinking on the real problem.

    • speakers

      Featured guest speakers

      Via workshop sessions, you can learn from experienced guest speakers with real world casestudies.



    Chieu Ta (Ph.D.)

    Lecturer @ Thuy Loi University


    Pradeep Duraisamy

    CEO @ AmphiSoft/EBOX


    Tuong Nguyen (Ph.D.)

    Lecturer @ Titops & VNU-IFI


    Sandeep Agarwal

    Big Data Expert, India


    Son Le

    Academic Head @ Aptech Vietnam


    Pavitra Mukherjee

    General Manager @ NIIT Vietnam


    Loc Nguyen

    Machine Learning & AI Engineer @ Titops


    Hoang Nguyen (MSc)

    IT Expert @ National Economics University


    Meriem Abdennour

    Head of Studies on Data Science @ Sanofi, France

    Case studies

    E-Commerce Customer Retention & Segmentation

    Customer and Cohort Analysis is the must have knowledge for Machine Learning professional. Cohort analysis is one of the most effective way to gather information about customer’s behaviour. Before dive, clarify some points of the analysis. Further you will not find any super complex concepts of machine learnign models or neural networks. The main goal of this case study is simply try to show you how to build a full pipeline to analyze customer’s behaviour.

    House Price Prediction

    Ask a home buyer to describe their dream house, and they probably won’t begin with the height of the basement ceiling or the proximity to an east-west railroad. But this playground competition’s dataset proves that much more influences price negotiations than the number of bedrooms or a white-picket fence. With 79 explanatory variables describing (almost) every aspect of residential homes in Ames, Iowa, this competition challenges you to predict the final price of each home.

    Credit Card Fraud Detection

    It is important that credit card companies are able to recognize fraudulent credit card transactions so that customers are not charged for items that they did not purchase. The dataset contains transactions made by credit cards in September 2013 by European cardholders. This dataset presents transactions that occurred in two days, where we have 492 frauds out of 284,807 transactions. The dataset is highly unbalanced, the positive class (frauds) account for 0.172% of all transactions.

    Sales & Marketing

    The Sales and Marketing sample contains a dashboard and report for a fictitious manufacturing company named VanArsdel Ltd. The VanArsdel Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) created this dashboard to keep an eye on the industry and the company’s market share, product volume, sales, and sentiment.

    Sales & Marketing

    Financial Analytics

    This dashboard allows one to view the revenue and profitability from different geographies, customer segments, and product segments. It allows the analysts to go deep into each of these categories and analyze the Financial Performance Indicators.

    Financial Analytics

    Human Resources Analytics

    The HR Analytics Dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of a company’s human resource metrics including Headcount statistics, Financial statistics, Demographic statistics, Employee details.

    Human Resources Analytics

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