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Titops supports PULSE (Axian Group, Africa) in normalization UI for mobile app

Axian Group is one of the largest pan-African group that operates in 5 industries with high growth potential, namely real estate, telecoms, finance, energy and open innovation. Axian operates in 6 countries across mainland Africa and the Indian Ocean and acts in furtherance of social and economic growth in all markets where the group has a foothold. The group’s 5,000 dedicated employees ensure that its brands—all of which are dedicated to 5 crucial industries—have a sustainable, positive impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Africans.

PULSE is a system integrator of Axian Group. PULSE supports companies in their digital transformation by offering tailor-made and innovative solutions in the development of services.

PULSE come to Titops with a typical problem: some screens of native mobile app don’t fit fully to different sizes.

After analizing the causes, senior UI/UX experts at Titops propose a tailor-made auditing solution:

Development teams of PULSE & Titops collaborate on the same committment model, espcially with the support from Mrs Alice Nguyen, Business Development Manager at Pulse who has a strong experiences in working with both African & Asian developers.

The delivrables are highly appreciated. Here is the comment from Mrs Alice Nguyen:

Translation: “Hi brother, I just got back from vacation, I saw Dominique say everything is fine in advance, the boss is counting on you to do an audit similar to the ios app”

Titops was humble about this contribution to the success of PULSE. We are grateful to take this project as an opportunity to help our partners to achieve more. For futher information about our services, please check out the presentation here:

Acknowledgement: Mrs. Alice Nguyen – Business Development Manager @ PULSE, Mr. Dominique Michael – CTO @ PULSE

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