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ALITITO Holdings invest in Robotics & Automation with Titops

Hanoi (Vietnam) – Today (21/01/2021), ALITITO Holdings open its new office at 166 Pho Bac Cau, Long Bien, Hanoi (Vietnam) where Titops operates its Robotics & Automation sector under the investment of ALITITO.

ALITITO Holdings is an investment portfolio. ALITITO’s ecosystem focuses on 3 sectors Retail, Academy & Industry. Each sector is operated as a subsidiary invested by ALITITO and other individuals or entities.

Some products invested by ALITITO and made by Titops Robotics & Automation are potentially boosted by Innovation ecosystem in Vietnam and Japan.

Featured on Vietnam Television:

Featured on NNA Japan: https://www.nna.jp/news/show/2144827


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