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Titops becomes OhmniLabs Added Value Reseller in Vietnam

[Hanoi, Vietnam/March 02, 2021] – OhmniLabs, Inc., a US-based leading robots producer for reinventing traditional robotics development and redefining telepresence for healthcare, education, senior care and work, and Titops Co., Ltd., today announced the partnership in the integration and promotion of Ohmni Robots in Vietnam.

● Titops VN will represent OhmniLabs in Vietnam initially targeting the education and healthcare markets. 

● Titops VN will resell the standard OhmniLabs products or integrate the solution on OhmniLabs products. 

● OhmniLabs will supply standard products, development tools, subassemblies, component parts, manufacturing tools, processes and training as required. 

● Titops VN will supply OhmniLabs with market advice and perspectives, customer feedback and solution ideas. 

● Titops VN will be responsible for marketing, sales, and Tier 1 support.

OhmniLabs have developed wide range of robots transforms how people connect, from their homes, businesses, classrooms, to hospitals. Titops will integrate Titops Hub, a BMS (Building Management System) solution, in Ohmni robots.

Ohmni® Developer Edition is based on more than 200 mature hardware and software modules. It is an affordable human-scale open platform that includes our cloud-based JS framework OhmniAPI. We offer developers, researchers, and students the ability to program Ohmni® robots as easily as developing web pages. We continually extend the capabilities of the framework to allow for high-level tasks through autonomous navigation and image/audio recognition.

About OhmniLabs:

OhmniLabs, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based robotics company focused on providing demand-driven robotics solutions for businesses. OhmniLabs is changing the paradigm of robotics development. We thrive at creating flexible robotics modules and scalable additive manufacturing processes. Every engineer (software, electrical, mechanical) on our team is cross trained on production engineering. This tight vertical integration ensures that we solve problems at the most efficient level.

Web: https://ohmnilabs.com/

About Titops:

TITOPS (Tech-in Top-out Platform-based Solutions) is an SI – System Integrator for IT Support and IT Services business. As a partner, Titops has four roles:

  1. Tech Partner: Titops customers bases & technical engineers in Vietnam. Titops can sell your products & services and take care of reparation and
    guarantee service.
  1. System Integrator (SI): Titops help partners to recruit their own team here in Vietnam, then we train the essential skills & manage all
    administrative HR-related processes, organize the logistics for the workplace, support technically for the project management.
  2. Research & Development (R&D): Titops R&D services can enable enterprises to save costs on facilities or equipment used for research projects.
    It also helps enterprises in gaining access to advanced technologies. Thus, it’s a cost-effective solution helping enterprises in saving the cost of
  3. Manufacturing: Titops help partners build their own factory in Vietnam or connect local manufacturers for their production.

Web: https://titops.com/


Sales: contact@titops.com

Other queries: https://titops.com/contact-us/

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